Amirkabir University of Technology


Amirkabir Local Contest Information and Rules

  1. Every team should consist of 3 members.
  2. Number of problems would be between 8 to 12.
  3. Problems are in English.
  4. Contest duration is 5 hours.
  5. Bringing every electronical device to the contest location is forbidden.
  6. Each team can bring as much papers and printed materials as it likes.
  7. Only one computer is given to each team.
  8. Ranking system: The team with more solved problems is ranked higher. Tied teams are ranked related to their times.(A team with less time is considered to be better) The time for each team is the sumation of the times of problems solved (time elapsed from the beginning of contest) plus 20 minutes penalty for each not accepted submission of solved problems.
  9. Participation of at least one of the members of each team in the coordinations session the day before the contest day is mandatory.
  10. At least 3 teams will be qualified for the Asia region - Tehran site. for more details please read Farsi rules.
  11. Further explanations in coordination session.


Computing Environment

Will be announced soon...

Problem Selection

The scientific committee is responsible for preparing the contest problems which are selected from those proposed by its members.

So far as possible, the problems will avoid dependence on detailed knowledge of a particular application area or programming language.